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Year 1967. For the first time common Soviet people got the legal opportunity to listen to The Beatles. This 10" compilation album is the very first official Soviet record containing the song performed by The Beatles. One song only! Russian LP title is pronounced roughly as m-oo-z-y-k-’ah-l-n-y-iy   k-ah-l-ei-d-o-s-k-’o-p   (v-o-s-m-’ah-ya   s-’e-rr-ee-ya) and means MUSICAL KALEIDOSCOPE (Series 8) .

" Series 8 " is listed in the record title on the labels of Riga Plant by Roman numerals – " VIII серия ", while on the labels of other Plants and Recording Studios it is listed by Arabic numerals – " 8-я серия ".

You can find different prefixes to the catalogue number for this record: " Д " or " 33Д ".

Девушка ( Girl ) track is preceded by 20-second piano interlude by Vadim Gamaliya. All tracks on the record are in mono and have different interludes by this composer/musician that is mentioned on the label.

After the song title it is stated that " муз. и сл. народные " (that means " music and lyrics are traditional ") though actual authorship is by Lennon-McCartney. " Квартет "Битлс" " (that means " The Beatles quartet ") is listed as a performer with letter " c " (" s ") in the end. Approx. since the beginning of 70-s of 20-th century it has been generally used to write the band title in Russian with letter " з " (" z "). In the book under the title CATALOGUE OF LONGPLAYING RECORDS. THE SECOND PART. 33 1/3 RPM. MONO AND STEREO, published by Melodiya's All-Union Recording Studio in 1972, on the page 397 the band's name is already presented in current spelling [see Pic. 1].

The major part of this record's run was released in various standard Melodiya's art sleeves. Only one variation of individual picture sleeve of title sleeve (by All-Union Recording Studio) has been found to date.

Also Sergey Gribushin tells about this vinyl edition by Melodiya in his article BRITISH INVASION (10) , published on August 31, 1995 in Russian newspaper Glavniy Prospect of Yekaterinburg city. In postscriptum to the article Valeriy Vaganov describes how some Soviet beatlefans passed this 10" album into the shaped single Girl – in via step-by-step chopping off unnecessary parts of vinyl [see Pic. 2].

In 2017 the article under the title A QUESTION IN MUSIC SHOP [see Pic. 3] from the newspaper Literaturnaya gazeta (means The Literature Newspaper ) dated September 27, 1967 was found. After reading, it may be concluded that the record hit the shelves of one of the central shops of Moscow in the last ten days of September, 1967.

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Various - Кругозор №9/1980Various - Кругозор №9/1980Various - Кругозор №9/1980Various - Кругозор №9/1980